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Going to an AirBnB or Hotel? Skip the crazy grocery store and allow the Bach Bee's to buzz around town, pick up your groceries and stock your fridge!


We can pickup your alcohol oders so long as orders are placed online under the Bach Bee assigned to your pick-up!

Skip the online ordering.

We will send you a list of the

typical Bach orders, add or remove

what you wish, or create your own! We

will  find  everything  you  need  &

stock your fridge.  Check out

our  Ice Maker Bar

Cart Rentals!

B U S Y   B E E



$75 + Grocery Bill

Quick & painless!

Simply place an online order

at Raley's, Safeway or Whole Foods.

You can also rder alcohol from BevMo!

Bach Bee's will pick up your order

and stock the pantry and

fridge for the


S P E E D Y  B E E




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